Fresh install forbid login with Iam/minio related errors


I’m having troubles with a fresh install of cells on Ubuntu 20.04. I’ve run the setup wizard with web-ui and everything seems to get through until login.

Any login fails and I see errors related to Iam not being properly initialized, and then always the same policy error…

2023-05-13T23:11:13.997Z INFO DeploymentID: 22b98458-7fee-4cb4-9b58-93a11e5290da
2023-05-13T23:11:13.997Z INFO Error: Unable to initialize config, some features may be missing Invalid credentials (*fmt.wrapError)
2023-05-13T23:11:13.997Z INFO 3:
2023-05-13T23:11:13.998Z INFO 2:
2023-05-13T23:11:14.040Z INFO
2023-05-13T23:11:14.040Z INFO API: SYSTEM()
2023-05-13T23:11:14.040Z INFO Time: 23:11:14 UTC 05/13/2023
2023-05-13T23:11:14.041Z INFO DeploymentID: 22b98458-7fee-4cb4-9b58-93a11e5290da

2023-05-13T23:11:14.041Z INFO Error: Unable to migrate IAM users and policies to new format: sio: data is not authentic (*fmt.wrapError)

2023-05-13T23:11:14.042Z INFO Error: IAM sub-system is partially initialized, some users may not be available (*errors.errorString)

2023-05-13T23:11:19.126Z ERROR Policies blocked GET request at /a/config/discovery. Response: DefaultDeny:true
2023-05-13T23:11:23.166Z ERROR Policies blocked GET request at /a/config/discovery. Response: DefaultDeny:true
2023-05-13T23:11:27.217Z ERROR Policies blocked GET request at /a/config/discovery. Response: DefaultDeny:true

As this is a fresh install with no specific config, I’m a bit lost… Any hint on what could cause this?

This is cells 4.2.0 with 10.3.38-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.20.04.1.


Hi @Olivier_Tarnus
Welcome to the forums !
This is weird indeed. We have seen that before but when upgrading from older versions. That should not happen on fresh install.
Try to go to your cells working directory (typically /home/pydio/.config/pydio/cells, or /var/cells if you follow our how-to’s), inside the data folder you should see a .minio.sys folder. Try to delete this folder and restart.

Hi @charles ,

Thanks for the hint. I had to go to a full delete of my /var/pydio, but it worked.

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