Forced to upgrade to PHP 7.2

After upgrading from PHP 5.6 to 7.2 I get this message, Where do I make modifications?
Deprecated : Function create_function() is deprecated in /homepages/16/d500433033/htdocs/url/Pydio/core/src/lib/dibi/libs/DibiConnection.php on line 120

we will take a look at that,
if you do have a context for the error, it would be helpful?

Upgrading to latest version is required.!

Is there any solution to this problem? I have also updated PHP version and have the same error presented.

core/src/lib/dibi/libs/DibiConnection.php on line 120

Even when rolling back the PHP (temporarily) the same message is displayed.

I have also tried restoring the complete installation from a previous backup while sticking with PHP 5.6 and still get the same error. Would this potentially point to an issue with the MYSQL database?

could you tell me your pydio version the system on which is it running, the database version and also the context of the error (when does it appear, on login page? ).

I have the same issue. php7.2 pydio latest version 8.2.3__2019-03-12.

Hi allo,

Please make sure that you are using latest version and the upgrade is done completely.
Could you please check again by diff this file with

Ran into the same issue today. Domain needs an upgrade to at least php 7.2 - switching from 5.6.

Latest Pydio Core stable version installed and diff shows that the files are identical.

Pydio says: Blocking error encountered, please check the server logs: ‘There was an error trying to connect to your database! Did you change any configuration for the core connection? Or maybe your database is down?’

Did you manage to fix this issue? If so how?

I’m currently stuck at the same point.
As soon as I’m reverting to PHP5.6 everything works fine, but with PHP7.1/2/3/4 it returns this error.


Running into similar issue getting Function create_function() is deprecated when I try to launch.

Fedora release 32, PHP 7.4.13 Trying to get Pydio 8.0 to run so that I can move our system over to cells. cannot access web UI to do upgrade.

Pydio latest version does support PHP version <=7.3

Except for the fact that fedora 32’s lowest version it is compatible with is 7.4 that would work. Since we don’t use pydio for storage just transfers we are in the process of completely removing it and installing cells.