Feature: Filename convention enforcement plugin

I suggest the creation of a plugin that would provide filename restriction/enforcement.

For example, in the “common” workspaces:

  • directory creation restricted. Eg: only matching \d\d\d\(-\d\d)? for years/month
  • uploaders would be restricted in the filenames too according to admin-preferred patterns.
    The pattern list, order and policy (allow/block/pass) could be created from a UI or imported from a CSV/JSON file.

This would enforce better organization when a large amount of files are shared across numerous users.

Sample use case:

All user collaborate upload images of mountains or lake having specific date and region. We want to enforce filename as <year>-(lake|mountain)-<countrycode>-.*.jpg.

Hello @drzraf,

Thank you for your feedback,
indeed this is a nice feature that we could add on our backlog.

You can open on Github a feature request https://github.com/pydio/cells.

If you wish to contribute you can do so, see contribute