Restrict file extension modification and create new key shortcut


I would like to know If with pydio it’s possible to restrict users to modify file extension type. So, when user rename file then extension won’t change.

Also, there is some way to create or register new keyboard shortcut?


you cannot really restrict modifications on a type of file, but you can put a lock on a file so that users cannot modify it otherwise you could just put the files of X type in a folder that only has read rights.

Hi Zayn,

I mean I want to restrict user so, they can’t change file extension.
For example:
Current file name:- demo.pdf ( This is pdf file )
New file name:- demo-upd.pdf1 ( but this is no longer identified as pdf file )


In Pydio 8, you cannot :

  • define custom shortcuts
  • prevent changing the extension of a given file while renaming it: the rename of test.gif to test.doc or test.xls cannot be prevented.

In Pydio Cells, neither. But you might want to open an enhancement request in our Github repository

Such requests features totally make sense.