Expiry dates on files with email notifications

Hi. Would it be possible (and of-coarse viable for you) to create a feature that can be added to a file with an expiry date. We have certificates that are loaded and shared and all of them have expiry dates. Currently someone has to go through all the certificates manually or on an excel sheet we created to track this.

It would be awesome to have a feature that can be enabled (or disabled) to add an expiry date to any document or even folder with a reminder setting where the user can set the amount of days prior to the expiration of the document to get notified of this (via notifications or email).

To make it even better you can have a list if the feature is enabled to show you all documents that has expiry dates and the amount of days left or flag it red if it expired already. All this info can also be shown in the info panel of each file and a red flag can be shown if file has expired, orange for expiry that is within your notification period or green if it’s still fine.

Please let me know if this is possible at all. Thank you so much for this great system!!

Kind Regards