Error l.1188 /../ Folder exist /../ when syncing with Android client


my name is Rafael, I’m from Germany. I’m running a fairly new Pydio installation on a VPS (Debian 7). After I got it running first, I was messing up my authentication configuration (hoping to fix an error shown in the logs). I ended up with only the background image on the logon page. To fix this, I was following suggestions from the old forum:

  1. Delete Cache
  2. “Factory Reset”, deleted cache + files from plugins/boot.conf (except server uuid)
    these did not help, what did the trick was to
  3. remove the access.* lines of the plugins I’ve touched from the ajax_plugin_configs database table (this would reset them to their defaults, as described in old forum).

The logon page was back and everything seems to work again. On my clients (Android Pro client and Windows) the sync jobs didn’t work anymore, so I deleted the sync targets and recreated the jobs. Since then I find the following error in my logs:

2017-11-19 21:20:19 <IPADDRESS> ERROR <USERNAME> FsAccessDriver.php error l.1188 message=Dieser Ordner existiert bereits (Gross- und Kleinschreibung wird nicht beachtet) 1 Pydio-Native-Pydio Pro Pro.19

message roughly translated: This directory already exist (upper- and lowercase is not taken onto account)

I’ve checked the logs on the database, and the message appears only for device Pydio-Native-Pydio Pro Pro.19 which is to my understanding the android client. As described above I had to reset the backup configuration on the device and had some trouble initially to sync. I ended up

Now, I don’t have an idea how to find out what causes the error message. Can I log what the Android client is trying to do? Is there anything else I can check to find the reason.
There is one more reoccurring error, though don’t think it is connected as this was there before I saw the 1188 error.
ERROR shared SecureTokenMiddleware.php error l.70 message=You are not allowed to access this resource.
which is written when the login page is opened in a browser.

Everything seems to be working alright though. Can I simply ignore the errors?

Many thanks,

PS. If that’s any help, here my Diagnostic page:


Did you disable Pydio >> Settings >> Authentication >> General options >> Multiple Auth Chooser ?

thanks for your reply. The Multi-Auth Chooser is disabled.

Enabled Auth-Plugins are:
API Keystore, Default Login screen and Default Http. All others are disabled.

I allow connections only through Port 443 - is that something that may cause an error?

I’ll check our android developer. Some questions though:

  • So it only happens since your server changes? You were using the Android App before?
  • Could you just try to guess when this is happening, by using the android app along with the logs interface refreshing it self?
    @jabarkarim does this sounds anything to you?

Hi, thanks for your reply.
I think I’ve used it before without the l.1188 error.

Below, please find the apache access log of a manually triggered backup (only Images are ticked): - - [29/Nov/2017:11:54:26 +0100] “POST /pydio/index.php?get_action=ls HTTP/1.1” 200 6395 “-” "Pydio-Native-Pydio Pro Pro.19" - - [29/Nov/2017:11:54:28 +0100] “POST /pydio/index.php?get_action=mkdir HTTP/1.1” 200 810 “-” "Pydio-Native-Pydio Pro Pro.19" - - [29/Nov/2017:11:54:30 +0100] “POST /pydio/index.php?get_action=blablacar HTTP/1.1” 204 468 “-” “Pydio-Native-Pydio Pro Pro.19”

Apache’s error.log:

Nov 29 11:54:29 MYSERVER apache2[31482]: [:error] [pid 31482] [client] [PYDIO] IP | user MYUSER | Error | error l.1188 | from FsAccessDriver.php | message=Dieser Ordner existiert bereits (Gross- und Kleinschreibung wird nicht beachtet)

It looks like the error is generated when the UI finishes to count the files. I played with the options a bit (syncing only video or images), when I synced only with a customfolder I find this error in the logs (only for the first time):

[:error] [pid 31482] [client] [PYDIO] IP | user MYUSER | Error | error l.1310 | from FsAccessDriver.php | message=There was a problem trying to open folder pydio://MYUSER@1/PhoneBackup/FILES, please check your Administrator

It uploaded the files correctly though. A second run created the 1188 Folder exist error.

Hi RiffRaff,

When backing up file to a server the Pydio Pro Android sends a “Create Folder” request to make sure folder it uploads files in exists. This error actually occurs when the folder exists and should be ignored if it does not prevent the server from working correctly.


Hi Jabar, thanks for the clarification. As you said, it looks like everything is working ok, regardless of the error.