Dynamic Info Panel Width

Couldn’t find a duplicate - will create github issue on request.

Unless I’m doing something wrong, the Info Panel on Pydio 8 & Cells is fixed-width, and I find it too thin to be useful for comments, metadata entry, etc. In Cells, the round Share icon actually interferes with a video’s play/pause button and timeline. Images and video are also rendered rather small. In the meantime, we can modify the fixed-width to make the panel wider, but I would love to see the panel become user-adjustable/dynamic like it was in Pydio 7 and earlier.

A quick, non-destructive adjustment for those interested was to use a customer vanatizer css entry for .layout-fill{width: ###px;} I haven’t completely tested how that changes different parts of the UI, but I’ll update my progress here.

Curious how you feel about the layout?


Thank you for the feedback,
could you open a github issue describing the same thing that you told us on the forum.