How to disable slide-in admin panel

Hi, I’m currently trialing Pydio 8, and I would like to know if it’s possible to disable that slide in/out behaviour of the admin panel.

It is incredibly annoying. It constantly covers up the main window making it difficult to interact with, and I frequently have difficulty making it go away again.

Hi lisa,
that would be pretty complex to disable, as it will require changes deep down in the javascript. But thanks for reporting, we may have to change that UX behavior at one point. Question though, what is your browser? screen size?

By preference I use Firefox, but I also have Chrome and Safari. And I’m using a 24" 16:9 1080p screen, so it’s not like there isn’t plenty of horizontal space for me to use.

But yes, that sliding behaviour is maddening. I’ve lost track of the number of times where I was making settings changes, only to lose those settings because that stupid menu slid out while I was trying to click on something and I was taken to a completely different admin section.

Alternatively, if you at least had a popup window that confirmed I was leaving that settings page, that would help greatly as well. (ie: You have made changes that you will lose if you go to another screen. Continue?)