Download option suddenly gone

Hello everyone,

i’ve searched the forum and i’m sorry if this has already been asked. I just got contacted by a colleague telling me that he encountered a weird issue in Pydio. Our version is 8.2.1.

Situation: We have a lot of folders in different workspaces. ZIP Download of a folder works at first, but if you enter a subfolder and then go back to the root directory, the option to download any folder in that directory is just gone. I’ve tested this myself with different workspaces and users and it’s the same result.

Before and after entering a subfolder:

Is this a known issue?

Thank you!


that’s weird, i tried to reproduce your case but my download option was always displayed,
could you clear your cache, rm -f <your-pydio>/data/cache/plugins_* and rm -f <your-pydio>/data/cache/i18n/*.
Then clear your browser’s cache or try with an incognito tab.
Retest with the steps that you gave above, if the issue still appears we will try to understand it.