Download not possible on Android App

Hey together,

I have a normal Pydio Cells Docker Installation running behind the reverse proxy Traefik.
On any machines, which are PCs all is working just finde but when I use the Andorid App on my
One Plus 8 Pro with Oxygen OS 10.5.13.IN11BA (Android 10) and granting manually access to
Storage and Camera for the Pydio App, it even does not work.

I granted me self for all Workspaces Download and External DL but this didn’t solved the problem.

It would nice to take a look into this problem and if you any logs/configs/… let me now it. If you need special logs from your App from my phone, let me know how to access them and I’ll try to provide them.


I have the same issue with Pydio Cells 2.1 on Android. Trying to download a file results in an error.

Hi guys,

Sorry for the late answer
Do you guys still have the issue?

Similar issues have been recently reported to us and we plan to publish an update as soon as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hey jabarkarim,

the issue is still alive from what I know so it would be nice to get a patch/hotfix/update on that :blush:

The issue is still present.

Issue seems to be resolved by todays update. Thanks.

It doesn’t work for me:

  1. when trying to download a file, the app says “failed to download file”
  2. when trying to preview an image, the app says “failed to get download url”

Are you on version 2.2.0?

No, I’m on version 2.1.6-ls25 from 2020-11-02. I’m on the stable channel and it doesn’t say there’s another version available.

I was talking about the Android app version, sorry. There was an update to 2.2.0 on 04.11. when it started working again.

Yes, I’m running v2.2.0 of the android app, which is the latest from Google store.


We released the version 2.2.1 of the Android Application. Do you guys still have download issues?

For me, Android App 2.2.1 worked fine with Cells 2.1.7-dev.

Since Android App 2.2.2 with Cells 2.2.0-rc0/1 I do not see any files after authentication anymore.

Same still applies for for Cells 2.2.0-rc2.

Issue is fixed in Android App 2.2.3 + Cells 2.2.0-rc2.

Thanks for reporting :slight_smile: