Download not possible on Android App

Hey together,

I have a normal Pydio Cells Docker Installation running behind the reverse proxy Traefik.
On any machines, which are PCs all is working just finde but when I use the Andorid App on my
One Plus 8 Pro with Oxygen OS 10.5.13.IN11BA (Android 10) and granting manually access to
Storage and Camera for the Pydio App, it even does not work.

I granted me self for all Workspaces Download and External DL but this didn’t solved the problem.

It would nice to take a look into this problem and if you any logs/configs/… let me now it. If you need special logs from your App from my phone, let me know how to access them and I’ll try to provide them.


I have the same issue with Pydio Cells 2.1 on Android. Trying to download a file results in an error.