Android Pydio Cells App "Failed to connect to server"

I’m running my own pydio cells instance on a vps in docker behind an nginx reverse proxy with letsencrypt companion.

everything is working smoothly with the browser but when I try to connect with the pydio cells app on my android device, it says “Failed to connect to server” after entering my (correct) credentials.

The pydio cells log shows a connection attempt, so connection seems fine.


I will add our android developer to the post,
he might have a clue about it.

@jabarkarim do you have any idea about this?


It might be due to the combo vps/docker. Would you mind providing me the address of your cells instance at so I can test it.


Hi Jabar,

thanks for joining in. I sent you the requested info via mail.


Was there ever any resolution to this? I just got Pydio Cells up and running today, and the website works perfectly, but when I try to connect via the android app, the progress bar is just spinning, and the app never connects.


For the record, we introduced some stricter policy checks on the server side on v2.2.7.

This broke the new account process for Cells server in the android App.

We then released a new version of the app that fixes this problem (that’s the only change in v2.3.3).

Yet, if you are in Cells version 2.2.7+ , Android app version 2.3.3 and still see something similar, we would be very interested in getting more details / info.


Found out that full certification is required for the Android app (see Configure TLS | Pydio)
Solved by concatenating the certificate for my domain with the intermediate one.
When testing with a self-signed certificate, I guess importing the rootCA to your Android will make it (see ssl - How to install trusted CA certificate on Android device? - Stack Overflow)