Android Pydio Cells App "Failed to connect to server"

I’m running my own pydio cells instance on a vps in docker behind an nginx reverse proxy with letsencrypt companion.

everything is working smoothly with the browser but when I try to connect with the pydio cells app on my android device, it says “Failed to connect to server” after entering my (correct) credentials.

The pydio cells log shows a connection attempt, so connection seems fine.


I will add our android developer to the post,
he might have a clue about it.

@jabarkarim do you have any idea about this?


It might be due to the combo vps/docker. Would you mind providing me the address of your cells instance at so I can test it.


Hi Jabar,

thanks for joining in. I sent you the requested info via mail.


Was there ever any resolution to this? I just got Pydio Cells up and running today, and the website works perfectly, but when I try to connect via the android app, the progress bar is just spinning, and the app never connects.