DigitalOcean Spaces support for workspace

Pydio 8.2.1, Ubuntu 16.04

DigitalOcean spaces is s3 compatible storage, but Pydio workspace configuration is strictly only accepting AWS S3.

Could we see DigitalOcean spaces supported in the future?

actually you can put a custom endpoint,
our s3 connector is working with every s3 storage and is not limited to aws only.

I am sorry for a very late reply, I got busy and forgot I have asked this question.

Based on this :
I am also unable to figure out how to use DO’ spaces on Pydio. Any pointers would be very much appreciated

So I tried this configuration using key and secret to access the spaces

But I got this every time I load the workspace and when trying to move/copy file from other workspaces

I don’t believe that Pydio is restricted to AWS S3 storage. You can easily work with DigitalOcean S3 storage. I am also using the managed varient of digitalOcean server which is powered by Cloudways and uses block storage by default and it has not raised any glitches in my case.