Delete API not working


I’m trying to use API to delete the files. I’m using version 6 by the way. I know its old, but I cannot upgrade at this moment.

I am using the following documentation:

But that never works.

Can you give me the exact curl command to delete the file using API? For both file and folder.

Thank you.

the details on this pages have an issue i will advert the admin about the issue and it will be fixed.

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Thank you so much.

Can any one help me if they have the working delete API command? V1 API.


Still it is not fixed. We still depend on API-V1, so kindly please help. I am not sure what is the API to delete a file or folder.

Anyone active in this forums? Please help.

sorry for the late reply,
i’m not familiar with pydio 6 but i will ask around if there is a piece of information,
meanwhile, we have archived our old forum and you might find something useful