Database is locked error constantly


I keep getting Database is locked error whenever I do anything in Pydio. I have tried reinstalling it multiple times, updating to the newest version and no luck. Even after a fresh install and logging in for the first time I get the database is locked error. It takes multiple times to get into settings, I just get a black screen saying No component found as the error.

I have installed Pydio using SQLite 3 as the database as per my hosting provider’s instructions as Pydio is a one-click install. I know MySQL is prefered but there isn’t any information for this type of install.

I’ve seen another post with a link to convert the database to MySQL. I’m not sure how I would do this, I have SSH access to the server.

I’m not able to export the logs as the button is greyed out so here’s a screenshot of the logs:

Pydio version: 8.0.2 2017-12-13
Pydio install: Linux

Any help would be greatly appreciated.