Connection Stack via Webdav

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When trying to connect a webdav disk ( stack to my pydio installation I get an error.

the path is set with the login and password in workstations. I have connected succesfull on other platforms with the same settings so I dont know what the problem could be.

this could be a settings error, when reproducing your case i actually faced the same exact error and then i just looked back at the config and deduced that there might be something that isnt right.

Here’s my configuration it could be helpful, if you did not fix that then could you show me how you filled them ( a screen capture would be nice ).

Hi Zayn, they work with URL like this

  • login and my pasword ofcourse This is how I log in on my mac for instance to the disk.

I have tried and as url /remote.php/webdav

the full url and as uri / or /webdav because that is the folder I see when I login but its not working.

you could try to copy my settings and then use as host and put as an uri /webdav tell me if this works, and altogether is it working after you used the URL as in your example above?

Hi zayn, I have done this not working

Kind regards

let’s try this last one, host with the /it could be what was missing, and then use uri /webdav.

when you tried with this, did it work on pydio ?

Tested but also not working. I think I have tried all combinations x-)


it’s weird for me this might be an issue on your webdav’s end, did you try to access your webdav with your explorer you can see that i can access it like this

you should be able to connect to it on whatever os you’re on.

hi Zayn, yes I did, browser and connect to server on mac work without a problem.

I use + credentials in browsers I get the message OK
when connecting to server on mac I am able to connect.

Can I maybe send you my credentials for pydio and my webdav disk? both are empty boxes for now so I really dont mind.

i don’t mind trying to see why you cannot connect to it, you could also create me user to test in that case.

Hi Zayn, sorry for the late response, I will send you a DM with the right information.
Kind regards

@danielMoereels @zayn Did you ever figure this out?

Having the exact same problems with Pydio and a transip Stack. Any solution you found ?