CollaboraOnline return 502 bad gateway

I have enable the api Collabora online and setup as localhost in port 9980 but when i open a odt file it return 502 error. I try to run with docker (docker run -t -d -p 9980:9980 -e “extra_params=-o:ssl.enable=false” collabora/code) or to change port with 9981 but nothing. Someone can help me?
Srry for bad englihs

Hello @murlocdiplomato,

Could you tell me if you have enabled the plugin and also what parameters are you using.
(to enable and see the parameters of the plugin you must browse to Available Plugins >> search Collabora)

as seen on the following screenshot.

Also, could you take a look at our documentation and add an additional parameter to the docker run command.

see for more details.

Hi, the plugin (collabora) is enable and the setting are:
Libre Office SSL: TRUE as default, for host, and 9980 for port but when i open a .odt file (created directly from pydio cloud) i get error 502 Bad Gateway

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