CentOS 7 Internal server Error htaccess error

In “centos 7 64bit — pydio-6.0.8-1.noarch” after install and by going to http://myserver.foo/pydio_public I get the Internal server error. In apache (httpd) error log I get

[Wed Nov 22 14:37:11.648046 2017] [core:alert] [pid 24735] [client xx.yy.zz.ii:62138] /var/lib/pydio/public/.htaccess: /var/lib/pydio/public/.htaccess:3: <Files> was not closed. │ [Wed Nov 22 14:37:16.109120 2017] [core:alert] [pid 24740] [client xx.yy.zz.ii:53359] /var/lib/pydio/public/.htaccess: /var/lib/pydio/public/.htaccess:3: <Files> was not closed. │ [Wed Nov 22 14:37:19.095440 2017] [core:alert] [pid 24741] [client xx.yy.zz.ii:47366] /var/lib/pydio/public/.htaccess: /var/lib/pydio/public/.htaccess:3: <Files> was not closed.

I exactly followed https://pydio.com/en/docs/kb/system/install-pydio-600-centos-7


If you install new Pydio, it’s highly recommended to use pydio latest version: https://pydio.com/en/docs/v8/centosrhel-6-systems

It seems that it lack tag in /var/lib/pydio/public/.htaccess

hi @c12simple;
Yes you are right. but the https://pydio.com/en/docs/kb/system/install-pydio-600-centos-7 would say the same thing

Is this thread solved then?