Cells require 2 networks, documentation?


Hi all.
I was testing cells and installing following the documentation:
After installing I was unable to start cells. Some kind of networking error. Mentioned documentation newer mentioned 2 networks, so I got stuck. Don’t know exactly why but I added an alias on eth0, named eth0:1 with private ip range and the cells started?
Any links to documentation about 2 networks requirements would be appreciated?


PS. Some time in next week I’ll redo install and copy the error messages.





Thx for the info @c12simple

That is just stupid from the developers!!!
I have a machine directly on public network, but cells require additional private address? Why would I need to have private IP network? I’m trying to figure that …
They should specify that in requirements, not in troubleshooting.


It comes from NATS service which works only in local network because of security reason.


THX again for clarifying the situation for me.
They really should specify that in requirements documentation, and not in troubleshooting :slight_smile:


This is really strange. If cells needs some kind of local network (for “security reason” or whatever) then cells could use localhost /, but we should really not be required to setup a random ip alias, to allow cells to start…