Cells on server with floating IP?

How should the following var be set in the compose file when cells is run on a server that is associated with a floating IP, e.g. an Openstack instance?


Above specifies the IP of the server’s interface but the floating IP, e.g.,, is the IP that the server is externally accessible from. The instance itself is not aware of the floating IP and using server’s interface IP does not work as only the “Loading” icon appears.

Why is pydio code controlling the external IP anyway? A benefit of docker is to allow the user to expose external IPs and ports to internal services via port definitions. Communication between microservices is accomplished via docker networks.

Pydio team, please advise on the above.

Hello @alpha23,

Sorry for the delay,
I’m not familiar with a setup that has floating IPs but let me explain how Cells works,

You have 2 important Settings:

  • BIND_URL: which is usually the domain/ip of the server where Cells is installed/running
  • EXTERNAL_URL: it usually should be the same as the BIND_URL but if you are using a reverse Proxy then you must put the Reverse Proxy address/domain.

For docker one way to use that would be to make use of Traefik as a reverse proxy which might answer your situation.