[SOLVED]Problems deploying Cells with FQDN BIND/External


I am having issues deploying Cells using FQDN in bind and external parameter.

the same issue is present on both Debian install and with docker.

the issue is that while testing i am deploying a machine using only “machine_name” as bind and external:


using these parameters everything works fine, all services are staring etc.

but while deploying for testing with internet connectivity using fqdn it halts after starting share services:

this is true no matter if i use:

CELLS_BIND=, CELLS_BIND=“internal_IP:8080” or CELLS_BIND=“my.Server.tld:8080”

and then here comes the twist…
if i edit “~/.config/pydio/cells/static/pydio/data/plugins/boot.conf/bootstrap.json”
and comment out the urls for backend services all cells services start properly, though no authentication is possible.

i think its very weird behaviour!?

anyone else experiencing similar issues?


It appears that the dockerhost is required to be able to connect to the proxy host - i realize now that this is somewhat obvious… :slight_smile: (however this was not required by previous versions of pydio…)

i figured it out while troubleshooting the collabora integration, which is very poorly documented… this (from nextcloud forum) helped me quite a bit:

maybe this can help someone else