Cells 2.2.0 and SFTP not starting

I’ve just installed Cells-Enterprise 2.2.0 to get the sftp functionality. I edited the pydio.json file as per:

Cells starts just fine, there are no errors, but I see no evidence at all that sftp service was even attempted. There is nothing listening at all on port 2022.

My config in the services section is as follows:
“pydio.gateway.sftp”: {
“hostKeyFile”: “/var/lib/cells/sftpHostKey”,
“port”: 2022,
“tmpDir”: “/var/lib/cells/data/tmp”,
“tmpFilesLifespan”: “15m”

I have restarted multiple times, but the service isn’t even listed in the UI or by using cells-enterprise ps.

Thank You.

Hey @Peter_Kirby

Thanks for posting - Seems like you are one of the first to test this new feature :-), as indeed an error slipped through the docs… You have to add an enabled key in the parameters:

"pydio.gateway.sftp": {
   "enabled": true,       // <= ADD THIS KEY
   "hostKeyFile": "/var/lib/cells/sftpHostKey",
   "port": 2022,
   "tmpDir": "/var/lib/cells/data/tmp",
   "tmpFilesLifespan": "15m"

This should do the trick.
Re-testing this, it now appears correctly in cells-enterprise ps (OK) but the service does not appear as running (KO), although it is. We’ll fix this for next release, just look at the start log, you should see some entry like:

2021-02-08T15:32:43.958+0100	INFO	Listening for SFTP connections on [::]:2022

Tell me if it’s ok - we’ll update the docs


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=> Docs updated :slight_smile:

@charles that did the trick, thank you.

May I ask one more question here related to sftp? I’m happy to start another thread if needed.

When setting up sftp I started setting up user tokens. I created the tokens just fine, but I don’t see any way to see which users have tokens and when they expire either in the CLI or Web app. Is there a way I’m missing? I’m happy to even run SQL against the DB, but I wanted to ask here before I go digging through the schema trying to find it.

Thank You.

You are not missing anything. At the moment, once the token is generated, there is no tool to manage them via the UX. This will come in next versions of Cells ED. Even via UX, like on many platforms, the idea will be to show you the token only once, so that you can copy/paste it, but not afterward. But there will definitely be a way to revoke them easily, and to check for their expiration.

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Just dropping this here in case someone else runs across it before tokens are available in the UI. At the time of this post they can be found in the database in the table idm_personal_tokens.

That way you can see who has which tokens and when they expire.

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Hi @Peter_Kirby , couple of updates with 2.2.1

  • sFTP is properly shown as Running now
  • Tokens inside idm_personal_token are now hashed

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