./cells start not working for Pydio Cells Home Edition (1.2.5)

Using ./cells install with command line will not give a functional system.
Using ./cells install with a browser based installation will give a running system but after stopping e.g. with Ctrl-C and running ./cells start will give an error ERROR Frontend Service Not Detected

either it’s browser or cli the final result is the same (basically with the browser you fill your infos via a webpage that will be saved in the pydio.json file, the cli does the exact same thing only from the terminal.
Now onto the issue, when you restart cells you have to wait 15/20 secs for all the services to start (front, auth datasources etc…), if you have the logs displayed somewhere or in a log file, you can notice that there are services starting like this:

2019-01-14T09:41:07.035+0100	ERROR	Frontend Service Not Detected
2019-01-14T09:41:07.035+0100	INFO	pydio.grpc.data.index.pydiods1	Opening Indexation Session 227a8292-17d8-11e9-86d8-0800270d4396
2019-01-14T09:41:07.044+0100	INFO	pydio.grpc.data.index.pydiods1	Closing Indexation Session 227a8292-17d8-11e9-86d8-0800270d4396
2019-01-14T09:41:07.047+0100	INFO	pydio.grpc.data.index.pydiods1	Sent all events event on topic
2019-01-14T09:41:07.088+0100	INFO	pydio.rest.frontend	started
2019-01-14T09:41:07.229+0100	INFO	pydio.rest.templates	started
2019-01-14T09:41:07.600+0100	INFO	pydio.rest.tree	started
2019-01-14T09:41:08.556+0100	INFO	pydio.rest.meta	started
2019-01-14T09:41:08.816+0100	INFO	pydio.rest.search	started
2019-01-14T09:41:08.881+0100	INFO	pydio.rest.changes	started
2019-01-14T09:41:10.842+0100	INFO	pydio.rest.auth	started

this is the line that you are looking for, 2019-01-14T09:41:07.088+0100 INFO pydio.rest.frontend started.

If you have any issue do not hesitate.


I experience the same issue (frontend service not starting) with version 1.2.5. When starting cells with “–log debug” I only see one line mentioning the frontend service:

DEBUG pydio.rest.frontend BeforeStart - Check dependencies

but the service never gets started. Manually starting the frontend after general startup by running

cells start pydio.rest.frontend

works flawlessly and gives the below log messages:

DEBUG pydio.rest.frontend BeforeStart - Check dependencies
DEBUG pydio.rest.frontend BeforeStart - Valid dependencies
DEBUG pydio.rest.frontend AfterStart - Check service is running
INFO pydio.rest.frontend started
DEBUG pydio.rest.frontend AfterStart - Service is running

Obviously the dependency check never returns (or fails without notification).

Any help would be much appreciated.

let’s check the details,
could you tell me your OS on which is running your pydio, also is it a vm a vps or else?
in the case where your cells is to be accessed with a public address, could you tell me if your server has a private interface.

Hi zayn,

cell is running under OL 7.6 in a KVM based guest with 1 vCPU and 2GB RAM (enough for testing). Addressing is private with only a single interface - so it’s a pretty simple test setup. Cells is being started as an unprivileged user.

As a workaround I now use to start cells by running:

/path/to/cells start pydio frontend

This way all services start up without issues in all cases (manually, systemd, SElinux enforcing or permissive). Without this syntax it fails to start the frontend service in all cases.