Cell Sync - First connection issue: blank screen immediately after connecting to Pydio server

Client OS : Windows
Client version: CellsSync - 0.9.2
Revision ad58523870c3c03ec01b0f22800a27c572cf3aa3 (2020-09-10T09:43:57)
Pydio Server OS: FreeBSD 13.1 (installed from ports)
Pydio Server version: Pydio Cells Home Edition (v3.0.7)

This is a first connection issue.

When I try to create first account:

I briefly see server backdrop, then page becomes blank.

  • Browser has page open, logged in to my Pydio account
  • Tried with Firefox, Brave, Edge.

I see there is another issue here, not sure if related: Cells sync cant connect to my server