Can't upgrade with automatic upgrade (7.0.4 -> 8.0.0 -> 8.0.1 -> 8.0.2)

upgrade, community Version, web Package, debian 9.2, nginx 1.10.3, php 7.0.27-0/fpm, currently on pydio 8.0.1

my automatic upgrade is broken:
I select the upgrade “”, hit “Start Update”, click OK on the Dialog “Are you sure that you want to perform the upgrade?”. But then NOTHING happens.

on previous Upgrades there was a download in /data/tmp/upgrades that I manually installed following these instructions:
But now there isn’t even a download, so i can’t even upgrade manually :frowning:

I often get this error:
SqlTasksProvider.php: message=gzinflate():data error

my php.ini:
|max_execution_time 600
|max_input_time 60
|memory_limit 512M

I deleted: /core, /plugins and some files in /cache,
downloaded the complete package for 8.0.,
repaired all permissions
but it didn’t help.

I made a fresh install of 8.0.2.
Remade my Workspaces.
Now the gzinflate error is gone.
So I think everything is working. Except the Logout which was described in an other Post.
I hope upcoming upgrades will work now …