Cannot login with french characters into password

Hello everyone !

I use pydio with LDAP authentication. My password contains an “à” character (I’m French) and i can’t login me to my pydio account using Pydio Sync and Android Pydio App but i can with the WebGUI. My main pydio user doesn’t have any accented character like “à” or anything else.

I get this message with Pydio Sync :

Erreur lors de la connexion au serveur

  • Authentication failed: please verify your login and password

And in my pydio logs, I have this :

Anyone can help me or any French user who has encountered this issue ?
Thanks :grinning:

if the issue happens only on your sync client could you look at the sync client logs when you try to log,
i don’t know your os but if you’re on mac you can find it here ~username/Library/Application\ Support/Pydio/
and then tail pydio.log.
I will do some testing on my side.

Hi Zayn,

Some details :

  • My Pydio server running on Ubuntu 16.04
  • I use Pydio Sync on Windows and Android

I put my login and password, I click on “Connect”. The pydio.log shows me this line :

2018-09-14 13:45:32 DEBUG 6728 Dummy-1 logging : 1635 | debug | Error while loading workspaces : Authentication failed: please verify your login and password

This line appears with HTTP too.

after some testing it appears to be the case, meanwhile i would advise you to not use those specific characters on your password if you want to sync.
I will talk about it with the dev handling the sync client and see if there’s a workaround.

Thanks for your response.

Please reply me when you have some news about this.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Zayn,

Have you a reponse from dev about this issue ?