Can this replace Google Photos/Google Drive?

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Here’s my use-case, let me know if your software does something like this? I’m looking to replace my Google Photos. I have 500gb of photos/videos on my Windows 10 PC. My Windows 10 PC is always on and connected to the internet. I want to be able to view and share (links) to these photo/video files on my PC from other PCs and from my Android phone. I already have a file sync thing set up so when I take a picture on my phone, it gets automatically sent to my PC.

What I don’t want is all 500gb on my PC being sent back to my Android phone and to any other laptop/PC that I’m accessing. I don’t have 500gb storage on my phone. I’d like to be able to just view photos/videos on demand or thumbnails, much like Google Photos/Google Drive hosts it in the cloud. I’d like to use a folder on my always-on PC as a cloud folder in much the same way… Does your software do something like this?

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Hello @Weltall900_Weltall90 and welcome in the forum.

Shortly said, yes. Pydio Cells should be quite a fit for your need.

With the new 2.2 version you should be able to give a try on your PC within a few minutes. see: Install static binaries | Pydio

You can then create a new datasource that points towards you files.

Tricky part is usually to make this available on WWW. but if you have already done that before, it should be no problem for you.

Let us know what you think and happy sharing!

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