Blank screen after Pydio Diagnostic Tool


Stack: PHP (7.1), Apache (2.4.6), MariaDB

Pydio version: 8.2

Deploying with Git and Capistrano (multi-node deployment).

I get to the Pydio Diagnostic Tool. No errors, 1 warning about PHP output buffering. When I click “Continue to install Pydio”, I get a white, blank page. Nothing else. I check practically every error log on the server and there’s nothing.

So I disable PHP output_buffering, and try again. This time, one of the nodes refuses to even show the Pydio Diagnostic Tool, instead skipping directly to the blank page. The other two nodes behave the same.

This is mostly just vanilla 8.2 Pydio. A few notes:

  1. I’ve uncommented some lines in .htaccess for fpm/fastcgi.
  2. /pydio/core/src/data is a symlink to a separate directory (part of how Capistrano architects its deployments). The contents of data are identical to base repo, except for some logs and “plugins/boot.conf/admin_counted” and “plugins/boot.conf/server_uuid”.
  3. We had some problems with symlinks and the cache. We’ve had to set it up to blow the cache on each deploy so it didn’t cache references to old deployment folders. This is because the cache doesn’t respect symlink paths, eg, instead of “/var/www/pydio/current/” (the current deployment), it will store “/var/www/pydio/releases/20180715170839”. (“var/www/pydio/current” is a symlink to the current “releases/”). If there’s anywhere else in the code where a symlinking problem like that might appear, that might be the root of the issue.

I’m not asking anyone to troubleshoot our Capistrano deploy itself, but if anyone has any thoughts on how Pydio might interact with that kind of environment, or any ideas as to what might be causing the blank screen, I’d be eternally grateful.