Automatically install and bypass the setup wizard

A previous question, regarding how to bypass the setup wizard appears to reference dated information since the paths appear to have changed.

Are their updated instructions on how to automatically install and bypass the setup wizard?

right now there’s no updated instructions for an automatic installation, i will ask the devs if there’s a way for that.

Is there any update to the question?

sorry because the devs are really busy, what i could advise you to try is modify the bootstrap.json ( you can either install once manually and then copy this file modify it & use it for the next install )
with the informations that you had to fill such as username database etc… and then modify first_run_passed to true ( write it in the file ).
All of those files are located in <your pydio>/data/plugins/

i forgot to add but dont forget to put the AJXP_CLI_SECRET_KEY of your current pydio, so before replacing/copying (bootstrap.json to the installation that you’re going to use) the file don’t forget to copy the value.