Archlinux installation for pydio outdated

I am sitting here for hours following the tutorial which you provide:

There are so many errors it is a real struggle to going through that misery.


/etc/php.ini should be /etc/php/php.ini is still missing after the installation, have not figured this out. I have read that this is outdated for the newest php.

open_basedir = /srv/http/:[…]:/var/lib/pydio/

I am 99% sure, that path is wrong, because the default installation for pydio was:


This here does not exist, neither gets created during installation:


This here does not work, because the example_nginx_vhost.conf does not exists.

cp /usr/share/doc/pydio/example_nginx_vhost.conf /etc/webapps/pydio/nginx.conf

But after some scrapping, I found that .conf file in that folder. I assume you renamed it at some point?:


Well, at the moment I try to fix that thing and because some paths are wrong it is just a messy guess game what to do in the configs.

Please update that tutorial. I assume the author is busy with real life, because links are all dead.

If someone can provide a step by step with a fresh arch installation I would give kudos.

there this guide was provided from an external resource, we don’t have an up to date guide for archlinux right now, what you could do is look at the one’s that we wrote and adapt the to your configuration which is an archlinux.

For nginx we have this guide it might be of any help