Debian+Nginx+PydioSync=Server not found 404

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to clarify the issue, it’s about the sync client ?

yes the problem is only with pydio sync

i will ask the dev handling the sync to look onto that, could you try this version of sync that is still under development and it might have a fix for your issues.


I just install on two pc windows 10 with pydio sync version develop and I have the same message (error 404) so I think it’s config of nginx?

It could be that nginx doesn"t allow the sync client to connect, could you take a look at your nginx’s logs and see if there is an entry with port 5556 which is the default sync port, you could also look at your sync client logs and look at the most recent pydio.log file located in /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Pydio.

I look in pydio logs on web interface (logs & other data)
there is no connection attempt but I just tested with my cell (iphone pydio lite) and its walk so it’s only on windows pydio not walk …

so i know now that it’s not my config of nginx but only pydio sync on windows. so i will wait for a new version.