APC/APCu Doctrine cache issues?

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So, i have had this installation now for 2 weeks after some bad upgrade in the past that i just ignored since it worked anyways ^^

Server OS: Windows
PHP: 7.2.8
Apache: 2.4.33
Pydio-core: 8.2.1

But now i came across this error after a client called me aand told me his sync wasn’t working anymore since yesterday, i have been trying to fix it my self but im just out dry when it comes here.

[Mon Aug 13 18:45:29.207633 2018] [php7:error] [pid 20448:tid 1332] [client] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function Doctrine\Common\Cache\apc_fetch() in F:\UwAmp\www\files\plugins\cache.doctrine\vendor\doctrine\cache\lib\Doctrine\Common\Cache\ApcCache.php:41\nStack trace:\n#0 F:\UwAmp\www\files\plugins\cache.doctrine\vendor\doctrine\cache\lib\Doctrine\Common\Cache\CacheProvider.php(212): Doctrine\Common\Cache\ApcCache->doFetch(‘DoctrineNamespa…’)\n#1 F:\UwAmp\www\files\plugins\cache.doctrine\vendor\doctrine\cache\lib\Doctrine\Common\Cache\CacheProvider.php(185): Doctrine\Common\Cache\CacheProvider->getNamespaceVersion()\n#2 F:\UwAmp\www\files\plugins\cache.doctrine\vendor\doctrine\cache\lib\Doctrine\Common\Cache\CacheProvider.php(124): Doctrine\Common\Cache\CacheProvider->getNamespacedId(‘plugins_registr…’)\n#3 F:\UwAmp\www\files\plugins\core.cache\AbstractCacheDriver.php(138): Doctrine\Common\Cache\CacheProvider->contains(‘plugins_registr…’)\n#4 F:\UwAmp\www\files\core\src\pydio\Core\PluginFramework\PluginsService.php(1029): Pydio\Cache\Core\AbstractCacheDriver->fetch(‘shared’, ’ in F:\UwAmp\www\files\plugins\cache.doctrine\vendor\doctrine\cache\lib\Doctrine\Common\Cache\ApcCache.php on line 41

What i thought i were supposed to do was to install PHP_APCu and that went great and all but not solving my issue, the log file was so large i just had to delete it and restart the server to get any information at all. i can’t access the web interface any more either so at the moment i have my clients setup a FTP connection directly to their files. Any help appreciated.

I bet there is a config file for this? xD


Since it’s so easy to recover a failed installation of pydio i just reinstalled the entire thing, and everything is left as it were before the issues started to appear so at the moment im all good. but it would be fun to know how to fix this if these issues would comeback.

Once you get in Pydio admin, please disable Cache server in Settings

Is it any way to change this option in a file? Since when it is like this you can’t access pydio att all “page can not take requests ritght now” was the message i got ^^

Just remove the config of doctrine cache in data/plugins/boot.conf/bootstrap.json

Alright, im gonna take a note on that in case that ever happens again ^^