Android app oauth fail


I’m running android 9 with the app Pydio Cells 2.3.3

I can’t login with the mobile app from Android, when I enter the url of my pydio cells :

It redirect me to this url in chrome : https://********/oauth2/fallbacks/error?error=invalid_request&error_description=The+request+is+missing+a+required+parameter%2C+includes+an+invalid+parameter+value%2C+includes+a+parameter+more+than+once%2C+or+is+otherwise+malformed&error_hint=The+%22redirect_uri%22+parameter+does+not+match+any+of+the+OAuth+2.0+Client%27s+pre-registered+redirect+urls.

And I get this screen :


This usually means that the mobile app is not authorized on the server side.

You should insure that your pydio.json main configuration file contains something like:

          "client_id": "cells-mobile",
          "client_name": "Mobile Applications",
          "grant_types": [
          "redirect_uris": [
          "response_types": [
          "scope": "openid email profile pydio offline"
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Hi and thanks for your help,

In my config file I had :

I replaced the line “redirect_uris” with yours and it works like a charm!

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Thanks for the feedback. Do not hesitate to mark the thread as solved :slight_smile: