Absolute path in shared folders

I use pydio since 6.2.0 on a debian ( was wheezy but now it’s stretch)
Now is 8.2.0 ( upgrade scheduled) but in the mean time I noticed the older shared docs are not available anymore. The original install was in /usr/share/pydio-6.20 folder. Sometime few months ago we move it in /usr/share/pydio.
I noticed the old links still point to the original path. For the newest there is a variable in database instead ( that’s the right way) .
I found the path in: ajxp_repo and ajxp_repo_options tables. I tried to replace the absolute path with
AJXP_PARENT_OPTION:PATH: in the above tables but without success. I replaced the old path with the new one ( /usr/share/pydio-6.2.0-> /usr/share/pydio ) and i had some progress, at least I sucessfully reshared an old file ( maybe the older link also works but i can’t check because i can’t change the password)
Now the problem is when I try to access the share from “shares explorer” as admin i stil have "cannot find file /usr/share/pydio/data/personal/[username]/[file] " despite the fact the path seems to work. So i suspect the path is present also in another table I can’t found. There is an “fixing tool” available for that? Or just a map of tables to found it myself?

this could be helpful

* Run: Update ajxp_repo set 
* Run: Update ajxp_repo_options set 
val=replace(val,'/OLD/var/www/web/files/data/personal/','/NEW/var/www/web/files/data/personal/') where name="PATH"; 

I already done that and seems to be better ( I can access the files as owner, even share them again) but it still give error in “Shares Explorer” "cannot find file /usr/share/pydio/data/personal… " even the path look right.