Why is my Pydio Cells always reporting 500 errors or 502 errors?

I am using Nginx proxy, always 500 error

Hello @elianlincoln,

Could you give me the context of the issue, the issue and then give me the following informations:

  • Are you behind a reverse proxy (I would guess yes)?
  • What are the INTERNAL_URL and EXTERNAL_URL?
  • Do you have any kind of logs that you could present me showing me information about the error?


Yes, I am using nginx agent
I reinstalled the system, reinstalled the server software, and finally I was able to use it.
INTERNAL_URL = http://localhost:8080
EXTERNAL_URL = https://cells.mri.ren
I originally tried INTERNAL_URL using HTTPS, but not working properly, so I finally thought of this method.
However, the Pydio Cells program seems to always have problems, the right-click menu is not normal, I am trying to upload the screenshot now, I am not sure if I have this permission.

Could you list me the issues so that we help you.

Your screenshot seems to point that you have enabled the mobile layout, could you try with an incognito tab?
also could you show me your nginx config (by hiding your confidential information if you have).

First of all, thank you for your help, so far there is no error.
The Nginx configuration is like this, I am not sure if this is the correct configuration of the Pydio Cell.

I haven’t used Nginx in a while. But I remember that I had troubles when using hostnames in the server part. Try to replace localhost by And adjust your ALLOW-FROM header, it points to example.com.

And please, paste the config as text the next time :smiley: