What is the websocket; and how do I connect it?

Install / Upgrade: Home Edition
Package Type: Docker (using Docker Compose)
Server OS: Alma Linux 9
Pydio Version: 4.0.6

On my Pydio server, I have noticed that an error appears that says the websocket seems to be disconnected. At first I dismissed it since everything seems to work fine. However, while adjusting the security headers on another docker container, I noticed the issue appearing in my browser’s dev tools console. I think it is also probably important to mention that I run Nginx on a Linode VPS that reverse proxies over a Wireguard tunnel back to the docker container that is running on a machine within my home network. Since I am not a web developer, I do not know if it is something caused by this or if it is a front-end error because of my Content Security Policy or something.


If you have a nginx reverse proxy, you should configure reverse proxy for web socket connection.

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