Unable to login using IP in URL

Dear Pydio members,

I am setting up a new Pydio cells server to replace my old Pydio server. However, I am facing problem to use IP address as the URL of external interface.

My setup is using firewall NAT public IP to internal IP. If I use domain name on the external URL, everything works fine. However, if I use IP address, I will not be able to login. It will prompt invalid character ‘+’. The reason I use IP address is that my company internet proxy is blocking dynamic DNS domain names.


My internal url is
My external url is https://<my_ext_ip>:443

I just want to know if cells can support IP address on the external URL interface.

Thanks & regards.

Hi there
Cells definitely support IP address on as external URL. In your case, you should use simply external https://<ext_ip> as 443 is default for https (but leave 443 on the internal one).
Maybe you have a NAT issue, because when you login, the Cells Frontend service is calling another service going through the external url path (to be oauth2 compliant). Maybe you have to check that this external IP is indeed reachable from within the server.

Hi Charles,

Thank you for the reply. I have tried to omit the 443 port number at the external but still the same problem.

The external IP is definitely accessible from within the server. As mentioned, I have no issue logging in if the external is set to a domain name.

Thanks for the heads up. I am also suspecting the problem on the firewall NAT. Will check on that more.


I found the error was due to firewall NAT need to enable port reflection. However, after enabling NAT port reflection my login just got timed out. There is no further error, just wait and it timed out.