Trigger sync every... Loop Stuck

I have a problem. I have connected multiple pcs with the CellSync app. Everything fine but when a change is happening it gets some time to find it and synchronize everything. I went into the parameters and decided to Disable Realtime and Trigger sync every 1m. It seems that once I am on this menu I cannot get out. Whatever I choose if i hit save the popup comes back again and the same happens with cancel. It doesn’t crush or lag it just get in infinity loop. The only way to stop it is to close the application completely and reopen it again while the new settings are never saved.

Windows 10 Enterprise
CellsSync - 0.9.1

Hi, thanks for reporting
Maybe a windows + javascript issue, i’ll have a look

nope, working for me… can you try to open the UX in a browser (http://localhost:3636) and see if it reproduces?

Ok. I have put it in 10,Windows LTSC PCs the issue remains with the application, but I can change it from Localhost.