Toomnay users and roles

first of all, the server is working juts fine and this is not a critical issue.
I have a weird problem with users and roles: we have only 29 users still in ajxp_roles I have 291 entries and I also have 155 lines in ajxp_users.
The anomalous entries in ajxp_users look like:
f6192f82a231 | sha256:1000:nvdR+2drANqAFOgUS4ebwBZWm6K1bgyh:wwrh15KGzYcZDRbSLYozaZiFqb/r9z/n
while in roles I have many entries like this one:
| AJXP_SHARED-2a4db96755ee96eec3d054c0330d893d | O:9:“AJXP_Role”:8:{s:12:" * groupPath";N;s:9:" * roleId";s:44:“AJXP_SHARED-2a4db96755ee96eec3d054c0330d893d”;s:7:" * acls";a:0:{}s:13:" * parameters";a:0:{}s:10:" * actions";a:1:{s:32:“2a4db96755ee96eec3d054c0330d893d”;a:9:{s:9:“access.fs”;a:3:{s:9:“ajxp_link”;b:0;s:5:“chmod”;b:0;s:5:“purge”;b:0;}s:10:“”;a:1:{s:12:“toggle_watch”;b:0;}s:11:“conf.serial”;a:1:{s:13:“get_bookmarks”;b:0;}s:8:“conf.sql”;a:1:{s:13:“get_bookmarks”;b:0;}s:12:“index.lucene”;a:1:{s:5:“index”;b:0;}s:12:“action.share”;a:6:{s:5:“share”;b:0;s:17:“share-edit-shared”;b:0;s:22:“share-folder-workspace”;b:0;s:19:“share-file-minisite”;b:0;s:24:“share-selection-minisite”;b:0;s:28:“share-folder-minisite-public”;b:0;}s:8:“gui.ajax”;a:1:{s:8:“bookmark”;b:0;}s:11:“auth.serial”;a:1:{s:11:“pass_change”;b:0;}s:8:“auth.sql”;a:1:{s:11:“pass_change”;b:0;}}}s:14:" * autoApplies";a:0:{}s:8:" * masks";a:0:{}s:14:" * lastUpdated";i:0;} | 1476279560 | NULL |
Any clues what might have caused this? And may I delete all these roles and users?
Thanks in advance for your time.


They are specific users for public share links

Hi c12simple,
is there a way to filter them out or to chekc if they are still “active” sharings?


In admin >> Setting >> open a workspace >> you will see a button to “Clear broken links”

Thanks c12simple, I already did that, still I was trying to figure out what is shared and how in a more detailed way.
That would be nice in order to enforce a more strict control on what is shared and how it’s shared.
Anyway thank you for your suggestions.