[Solved] Android Client, Crash on numeric filename extension

Android Client 2.2.3
Pydio Cells 2.2.0-rc2

Browsing a folder that contains files with filename extension .01, .02, … the Android client crashes. The filename extension .00 seem to be an exception. The crash only happens in “detailed” display mode. If the list of files is longer, the crash happens once the user scrolled to the row listing a file meeting the criteria above.

Thanks for reporting.
There is indeed a crash in these (kind of hard to find :slight_smile: ) corner case.
A fix is on the way and should be delivered in next release.

The bug persists in v2.2.4 on Android.

Fixed in v2.3.1 on Android.

Thanks for double-checking.
And don’t hesitate to let us know if you encounter other issue.