Shared links on IIS [Pydio 8] with <handlers>

Hi there! I’ve installed a fresh Pydio 8 on a IIS web server which uses PHP5 by default.

In order to use php7 in pydio, I’ve configured his directory PHP version, which adds:

to my web.config file.

So… when I try to generate a public link, I got a Error HTTP 404.0 - Not Found

I’ve read some post where people are asked to use a default web.config file, and I use that with the andler made by IIS manager…

I’m not sure how to proced, I don’t have web-config files knowledge.

Any help? Thanks :smiley:

Ey! I’ve solved that!!

Excuse the inconvenience but it was all my mistake. Seems that the web server were I have installed pydio uses a IIS extensión to reescribe URLs and one of the rules that the main web uses to reescribe URLs was creating conflicts with the open links routing of pydio.

I just had to disable that rule in pydio main directory and childrens and all works propertly :smiley: