Security token expired (randomly while browsing pydio)


i suddenly got an error on pydio (v8.2.3)
i got redirect to login page with a message “Oops, your security token expired… click on F5 …” it keeps telling me this all 10sec. i didn’t modifty anething on pydio.

Sometimes i just get kicked to login page without message.
Somtimes it keeps working for 5min… and kicked to login page :slight_smile:

any idea of what happening ?

EDIT: got another issue i keep having poping error message “Oops. it seems your security token expired…” and got this on log : 06-14-19 11:35:59 xx.xx.x.xx ERROR shared SecureTokenMiddleware.php error l.70 message=You are not allowed to access this resource.

Hello @alx,

Would you mind giving us access to your server through a regular user, we would like to reproduce and check the error.