S3 folder copy not working


I currently have a problem with Pydio and my S3 sotrage. Pydio show a file names like the folder it resided in, in every folder. I cannot download the file (404 Error). If I try to copy a folder this fails with 404 Errors on this files.

These files does not exist in the storage. The only not shown files there are the hidden .pydio files.

This ist the error log:

ReadNodeRequest/ObjectsStats Failed {“OperationUuid”: “copy-move-cceb62ba-9191-44bd-b5b2-e724ac91a1ae-db56e5d4”, “r”: “Node:<Uuid:“e69c6a68-2497-11eb-aba4-0242c0a85003” Path:“s3datasource/Folder/Subfolder/Subsubfolder/Subsubsubfolder/Subsubsubfolder” Type:LEAF MTime:1604841896 Mode:511 Etag:“d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e” MetaStore:<key:“name” value:”\“Subsubsubfolder\”" > MetaStore:<key:“pydio:meta-data-source-name” value:"\“s3datasource\”" > MetaStore:<key:“pydio:meta-data-source-path” value:"\“Folder/Subfolder/Subsubfolder/Subsubsubfolder/Subsubsubfolder\”" > > ObjectStats:true ", “error”: “{“id”:“not.found”,“code”:404,“detail”:“object not found in datasource: Folder/Subfolder/Subsubfolder/Subsubsubfolder/Subsubsubfolder”,“status”:“Not Found”}”}

cannot run action actions.tree.copymove: Errors found while copy/move node, stopping {“OperationUuid”: “copy-move-cceb62ba-9191-44bd-b5b2-e724ac91a1ae-db56e5d4”}

Some of the folders are tagged with user created tags. But the problem also occurs if they are not. Copying single files is working.

best regards

P.S. sorry for the weird filder naming. Just don’t want to share the folder names.

Hello and welcome @SpiGAndromeda,

Could you tell me how you created the files and folders (upload through the web UI or through the s3 bucket).

Also do you attempt to copy with the webUI or the s3 storage.

The files were originally uploaded through S3 bucket.
I attempt to copy with the Web UI. Copying via S3 bucket web interface works fine.

@zayn thanks a lot for responding. I was about to give up all hope :smiley:

Hello @SpiGAndromeda,

Apologies for the late reply, your case seems to point to a missing resync, (meaning the index is not up to date with the storage), when you upload/create data directly on the storage you must also resync the datasource (on Cells) to be up to date.