Running services individually

I’m new to Pydio and i followed the instructions on the github page to start that application and everthing went well. Now i want to add some new features of my own but iam have difficulty on running the services individualy.
Is possible to run each service individually? If yes, how can i do it?
There is any information displaying how to do so?(Didn’t find any)

Hello @Rafaelz2516,

Let’s assume the following scenario where I want to run and pydio.grpc.tasks as individual jobs.

  • First lets run Cells and exclude both those services, ./cells start -x -x pydio.grpc.tasks
  • then on another terminal lets start alone, ./cells start
  • the same for pydio.grpc.tasks, ./cells start pydio.grpc.tasks

This is one of many examples, you can for instance start datasources individually and more.

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Hi @zayn,

I have one more question. Is it possible to make changes on the services and watch them in real time?
Because when i make some changes i need to “make dev” and “./cells install” all the time.

Thank you for your help.