Running Cells as a windows service

Hi all
We currently run Pydio 8 on a IIS install, but looking to upgrade to the cells as V8 is end of life
We have installed the setup and tested it fine, but when there doesn’t appear to be instructions on how to run it as a windows service
there is plenty of links for linux services, but no windows ones

Is this possible?

Hello @thomass
Thanks for posting and welcome on the forum.
It must be possible but we did not test that yet. I’m not sure whether it requires some code changes or not (see e.g. If you have some development skills, feel free to contribute back!

Try this

I have used this utility to successfully wrap many Windows programs and scripts into services.

Thanks for advice! It was a great try, but it seems that Cells 2.0 couldn’t start as nssm service. I’ve tried various configs for service, all with no results. As I understand, there is some problem with starting component (microservice?) called nats with nnsm.

Have a look at some other optins here. I will try them once I manage to solve issues with getting Pydio Cells to work with LetsEncrypt certificates.

The problem i seem to be finding is that it almost requires the terminal window to be open to run
No matter w hat I have tried I can’t get it to run in the “background”

The only way I have found to get it to work is to set the server to auto login and run the bat file on login
Which is a bit of a security risk and not something we are going to be doing any time soon.