Running pydio with iis reverse proxy

im running web page with iis and im trying to install pydio cells v2 and connect to my new sub domain
but i cant connect well
i have only one server so i tried to reverse proxy but it didnt works well
i try to set internal url to my server ip and external URL to my sub domain (
and set reverse proxy in iis my server ip to my sub domain

im newbie in web server and i want manual… i find reverse proxy document in Knowledge Base but there is no iis reverse proxy and hard to graft to iis
plz help me

and when i success to reverse proxy
i can install pydio but cant connect to login page with cors error or https request over http error or something

Hello, @wAZe,

Could you provide me the following information please:

  • the URL of your reverse proxy (that you use to access Cells)
  • Database version

Hello @wAZe,

your settings seems to be correct,

so you bind Cells on, then you want to access it through which is the reverse proxy entrypoint.

Your reverse proxy when receiving a request on will proxy it to (which is the Cells_Bind address).

Are you using TLS(https) on Cells or your reverse proxy?

my iis use TLS and Cells dont use TLS
when Cells use TLS reverse proxy get error http 502.3 [the connection with the server was terminated abnormally]

i just served issue by bought new server
and i have some question
cant i use pydio with CDN(Cloud Flare)?