How to disable access to android and iphone app?

I don’t want that anyone access their directory through apps or desktop tool, I want access through only web-browser. so, How can i disable this anyone suggest me?

mobile app and desktop tool access Pydio via /api, Just add some rules in .htaccess to block all request to /api/*

hey,may i know exact location of the .htaccess for linux server.

.htaccess is a standard Apache file for controlling http accesses. If present in a folder, it controls access to that folder and any subfolders. Pydio includes a .htaccess file in the top level of your Pydio installation, so you would edit that.

I think what you want to add is:

RewriteRule ^api/* - [F]

This would go right after:

RewriteBase /

the [F] means return a status of “Forbidden” to the requester.

(I hope I have this all correct - I find RewriteRule patterns to be a bit of trial-and-error. I’m sure someone will correct me if need be. I did test it, though.)