Pydio Cells in a Load Balanced Configuration

Thoughts, tips, caveats, warnings about running two servers with CELLS behind a load balancer Active/Active ?

Or other thoughts or recommendations?



Let run it with microservice fashion.
For more infos:

Then to be clear, using NATS the two nodes would effectively form a
cluster, but that the discovery service would also (could also, but
would be in my case) running on both nodes and handles where and how
to allocate the traffic? So it would, as far as my management is
concerned, mirror our current two web head LB approach? traffic going
to server A gets handled, server b gets handled, server A goes down
the authentication information/session info is already on and shared
with server B?

(the database aside, right, when that gets patched it goes down and
that once a month 5 minute outage is pretty acceptable around here)

Scalability is not the largest issues for us, we are well within our
license, but robustness. That get’s people’s attention,


Just poking on this again and my assumptions.