Pydio Cells - Helm Chart

I really like the idea of pydio cells and would like to deploy it on my k8s cluster. However the helm chart which I found at Pydio | Kubernetes Quick install seems unusable to me. Because I have found no way to use my own clusterissuer for the creation of TLS certificates. Furthermore, when I have enabled the ingress in the helm chart, I got an error that there is already an ingress class with the name nginx.

So is it possible to somehow not deploy a clusterissuer and a nginx controller, because I think most k8s users will already have those in their setup.

The error is the following when installing it with the following values.


Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: Unable to continue with install: IngressClass "nginx" in namespace "" exists and cannot be imported into the current release: invalid ownership metadata; annotation validation error: key "" must equal "cells": current value is "ingress-nginx"; annotation validation error: key "" must equal "pydio": current value is "ingress-nginx"


# NOTE : Cells Enterprise users can comment out the lines following the # [ED] comment
# Define what image version of Cells you want to use to have more control over your update
  # [ED]
  # repository: pydio/cells-enterprise
  tag: latest
# Achieve high availability by starting a minimum number of replicas of the Cells stateless Pod
# NOTE: each dependency of Cells has their own high availability strategy
# Achieve horizontal scalability by setting up an autoscaling strategy 
  enabled: true
  minReplicas: 1
  maxReplicas: 3
  targetCPUUtilizationPercentage: 80
  targetMemoryUtilizationPercentage: 80
    cpu: "500m"
    memory: "2G"
# Achieve public-facing deployment by adding Ingress w/ Nginx as a load balancer
# Uses lets-encrypt as a certficate authority
  enabled: true
  annotations: letsencrypt-prod
  clusterissuer: {}
  hostname: pydio.domain.tld
  tls: true
  selfSigned: false
  type: ClusterIP
  # [ED]
  # customconfigs: {
  #  "defaults/license/data": "MYLICENSE",
  # }

Additionally, some vault webhooks are created which prevent from replicasets to work unless they are deleted when pydio cells is uninstalled using helm

Warning  FailedCreate  69s (x15 over 2m44s)  replicaset-controller  Error creating: Internal error occurred: failed calling webhook "": failed to call webhook: Post "https://pydio-vault-agent-injector-svc.pydio.svc:443/mutate?timeout=30s": service "pydio-vault-agent-injector-svc" not found

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