Pydio cells as one click apps on service provider

I am very interested in Pydio Cells (currently using Pydio 8) to be used on my small community. However, I am not savvy enough to understand the setup configration (I am using nginx) so I submitted ideas to my provider on this link

I hope Pydio team would welcome this idea.

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Hello @yukirin

I am indeed exploring the various images we can produce for Cells as from the next (2.0) release and the Digital Ocean one was on my short list.

Do you have any link toward a cookbook for Digital Ocean Appliances? That would make my life easier and quicken the process.


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To be honest, I don’t know about it, but I have linked this forum post to the DigitalOcean Ideas page. Hopefully, someone from DO will make contact.

Here are our best practices:

Also, you may want to visit to learn more about becoming a Marketplace vendor and listing your app.

Thanks for your interest!

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Would be great to see Pydio on Cloudron too.

Sounds like it will take a bit of work though.