Only returns first 1,000 objects from S3 - Pydio Cells 4.0.0 RC3

I created an S3-compatible data source (Wasabi), using “Keep data structure on storage”, and during sync only the first 1,000 files are detected (plus one additional node, probably the root). Re-sync doesn’t retrieve any more files than this, and my bucket has thousands.

This was not a problem in Pydio Cells 4.0.0 RC2. Thought I should bring this up since for a Release Candidate this is a pretty serious problem.

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Hello, thanks for reporting.

We will follow this in the github issue that you also opened :slight_smile:

Thus said, to everyone, this is a good moment to start testing the v4 and tell us if you find any glitch. This version is gonna be awesome and much more adapted to HA (typically Kubernetes) deployments. Let us know if you have any interesting feedback!

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